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PayTabs is enhancing its portfolio of solutions to provide more relevant and sustainable services to clients during these exceptional times. The company’s collaboration with Zbooni will now allow PayTabs to offer micro payment solutions to small businesses units that traditionally operate without online presence. Through this tie up, PayTabs seeks to provide entrepreneurs and home based businesses such as bakers, designers, consultants, tailors, craftsmen and women the ability to carry out their business operations in safe manner by continuing to sell on social media platforms and then receiving payments seamlessly and conveniently.

In support of small businesses and in line with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leadership initiatives during this unique situation, PayTabs is also offering those who sign up for the service zero set up fees or transaction fees until 15 June 2020. This is with the objective of protecting people and reducing the burden on families by empowering SMB’s to  setup their accounts within hours on the Zbooni platform and sell their products through any social media channel.

Let’s have a look at this tie up to see how these new services can help you manage your business in the current scenario. This service is mainly targeted on the businesses offering services such as baking, designing, tailoring, art & fitness, consultation and e-tailing home-made crafts.

What Does Zbooni Do?

Zbooni is a micro payment platform which also offers several user-friendly features for aiding offline as well as online businesses. One of the most prominent USPs of Zbooni is its mobile invoicing service. With the help of its dedicated app, any business can start accepting card payments, including debit cards and credit cards. Its holistic portfolio of services lets you create your online store in a matter of an hour. However, Zbooni goes even further as you do not necessarily need to have online presence to start using its services. Its features are highly applicable to offline businesses as well.

One Stop App: Zbooni offers you a centralized interface to manage your business’s cash flow in an intuitive and efficient manner. Its app is mainly designed to let the businesses accept payments from anywhere. You can manage your cash inflow by generating invoices and sending them through a wide range of channels including WhatsApp and other messaging services. Subsequently, your clients also get the pick of the payment options. They can clear their bills through any major card or even by using Mada. Zbooni lets you collect your dues fast and efficiently.

Easy Sign Up & Documentation Process: Customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can easily set up a Zbooni account by signing up at PayTabs.com/sign_up_zbooni and submitting a couple of documents. The documents required while signing up are as follows:

  • Two Personal IDs (Passport & Local ID) of the authorized signatory of the merchant
  • Personal IDs of Partner/ Shareholder/ Ultimate Beneficiary holding over 10% of the shares in the company
  • Business/ Trade License issued by government or Freelancing Official License (for KSA merchants) matching website business activity.
  • Last 3 months bank statements or a bank letter in case the account is new. Bank account should be under the company name
  • Proof of address (rent contract, electricity bill, mobile bill, bank statement, Wasel etc.)
  • Memorandum of Association/ Shareholder Registry

Mobile Payments: with the massive increase in mobile technology, it is important that your business possesses the ability to process mobile payments. Zbooni is optimally designed to do just that for your business. Clients are not even required to have Zbooni app installed on their phones to make the payments. can simply send them a link through a browser which they can click to complete the payment process. The money is then deposited in your wallet and is transferred to your bank account and PayTabs will now facilitate the process.

Intuitive Operations: Zbooni has made it a lot easier for you to process your payments. The process followed by Zbooni is highly intuitive and convenient to follow. The process starts with creating an account using the app. After this, the business is required to create an order and generate an invoice. Afterward, you simply have to send the link to your clients. Once they confirm the order they are guided through the payment process. Zbooni ensures that the entire process is quick and easy both for you and your clients.

Flat Fee Structure: With Zboomi you do not need to worry about complex fee structures. Zboomi charges a flat fee, which makes it easier for you to keep track of your expenses. Unlike staggered fee structure where your payments pile up with increase in your volume, the expenses ratio remains flat with Zboomi option. The amount is automatically deducted from successful transactions, offering you convenience. There are no hidden costs, no maintenance fee and no set up costs. Its flat structure and simplified process allows all kinds of business including the small ones to use this service. Now, you do not need to use your precious resources for unnecessary paper work.

And now you can avail one-time special offer for small businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In order to help businesses in this difficult time, PayTabs has designed a special pricing plan, which is valid until June 15th, 2020. Under this plan, the eligible businesses are not required to pay any transaction fees, set up fees or monthly fees. Further, the businesses are also exempted from any minimum volume requirement. This special offer is only available to new Zbooni customers and existing PayTabs customers in KSA.

PayTabs Collaborates with UrbanPiper for seamless online restaurant operations

PayTabs Collaborates with UrbanPiper for seamless online restaurant operations

PayTabs is a leading payment processing company in the Gulf region. The service provider constantly endeavors to fortify its service suite to provide best in class solutions to its clients. Its collaboration with Bangalore-based UrbanPiper is another step in this direction.

The Tie-up

The tie-up between PayTabs and UrbanPiper aims to help clients automate the online operations of their restaurant. Through this collaboration, PayTabs will empower online restaurants to facilitate seamless payments from customers. The partnership will ensure that casual restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets and fine dining restaurants are able to unlock their full potential by making their menus and services available for online ordering and payment. The tools provided by UrbanPiper and PayTabs will ensure that restaurants will be able to benefit from safe and secure payments, track payment history and enable the convenience of multiple alternative methods for customers.

About Urban Piper

The features provided by UrbanPiper ensure that you diversify your business using different aggregators but maintain proper control over them from one location. Another unique feature of UrbanPiper is its centralized catalogue management service. With this feature, you can avoid the hassle of visiting each partner portal for updating your stock and offerings. The integration layer provided by UrbanPiper ensures that you can carry out this task with just one click. The service suite also offers Introspect which is a data analytics tool. This feature is designed to let users carry out their reconciliation in an easy and efficient manner. The centralized tool ensures that you get a comprehensive view of your entire online business, thus achieving the efficiency and speed you need.

If your restaurant business is in upswing and you feel the need to run your own portal then UrbanPiper comes to your rescue. The service suite allows you to set up your own shop easily and you are not required to have any coding expertise for this purpose. With the help of this tool, your customers can place direct orders using your website or app, without requiring the assistance of any third party. There are also many ERP solutions integrated in the suite to let you run your business seamlessly.

Urban Piper can help in increasing the reach of your restaurant business. It has over 7,500 active locations in India and the Middle East. Some of the top brands associated with UrbanPiper are Papa Murphy, McDonalds, Tablez and Americana. Its HUB tool lets the businesses collaborate with their aggregators in a smooth manner. Whether you are working with Zomato or with Swiggy or any other 3rd party channel, you can integrate them in your restaurant Point of Sales system with the help of UrbanPiper tools. It can help you economize as your employees now are not required to manage multiple systems.

UrbanPiper offers an efficient operating system which ensures that you do not miss any order or manual pushing. This system can also help you in efficiently handling multiple tabs. You can also improve your efficiency by broadcasting timely updates. The inventory control feature of the suite allows you to improve your operations by minimizing the possibility of cancellations by better managing the inventory.

The use of UrbanPiper lets you enhance customer value by better managing your menu. You can publish different categories in your menu to make it more user friendly. Further, you can also add taxes, items and charges separately so that your customers can exactly know what they are going to pay. The service suite also lets you carry out quick deployment as UrbanPiper has exclusive tie-ups with several top aggregators such as UberEats, Foodpanda and Swiggy. The suite provides regular updates about new features added to the system so that your business can use these services in a timely manner.

Apart from these features, UrbanPiper also has a robust infrastructure. The service provides 99.95% uptime, so that your business remains online and does not suffer outages. Even in the case of very rare outage, UrbanPiper ensures that you are constantly informed about the progress with regard to the recovery.

About PayTabs

PayTabs is an award-winning, B2B payments solution provider. Having processed the first live payment gateway transaction in June 2014, today the company processes transactions in 168 currencies, safely and securely. Using a tool known as API plugins, PayTabs facilitates seamless integration for merchants across 49 industries to ‘plug and play’ features on to their websites. PayTabs prides itself on offering electronic invoicing services for entrepreneurs and businesses enabling them to save time and enjoy added convenience with paperless invoicing. PayTabs’ vision is to be global in outlook but next door in service, whereby payment products can be customized via different business models to suit start-ups, small and medium organizations, and enterprise needs. PayTabs has dedicated offices in the GCC, especially the UAE & Saudi Arabia and presence in many other locales including Egypt, India & the Philippines.

PayTabs and LimeTray join hands to offer Restaurant Management and Integration Services

PayTabs and LimeTray join hands to offer Restaurant Management and Integration Services

PayTabs is a leading B2B payment processing company in the Gulf region. The service provider constantly works towards enhancing its product portfolio. Its latest collaboration with LimeTray aims to provide better and more diverse services to clients. PayTabs clients can now look forward to making their restaurant business more efficient by optimizing their operations.

The Tie-Up

The collaboration aims to provide one stop solutions for clients to manage their restaurant business. The F&B industry is unique as it is governed by numerous health regulations and service standards. In order to run a food business successfully, it is important to optimize operations and keep the running costs low. This is where LimeTray comes to the forefront.

With the help of this tie-up, restaurant owners can now run their business online and integrate online payment services by using PayTabs payment solutions. Overall, the collaboration will ensure that restaurant business owners are not required to deal with a mishmash of services but have a well-defined set of processes, customer payment options and tools for running their operations.


About LimeTray

LimeTray offers a wide range of services to let restaurant owners customize and optimize their business. LimeTray offers a restaurant software suite which is equipped with many features. It offers end-to-end marketing and technology solutions for the food industry so that business owners do not need to deal with different software for varying functions.

With the help of LimeTray, a restaurant can set its own online food ordering system. As more and more people opt for the convenience of online ordering and home delivery, online food ordering systems can bring about drastic changes in the operations of a restaurant business. With the help of LimeTray, you can now set up your own food ordering website and app, harnessing the power of ecommerce on diverse platforms. The restaurant owners are not forced to join any third party aggregators for promoting their online food business, thus reducing the running costs. The feature comes with an inbuilt loyalty system which helps businesses create a niche market.

LimeTray allows the businesses to customize their discount engine, to offer unique offers to its customers based on their characteristics. Its image intensive menu ensures that you can add images and graphics to the menu to make it more appealing and intuitive. Further, the customization option allows your restaurant to display different variations of dishes. If a client wants to add extra cheese or alter the level of spice for example, then you can offer them the means to do so.

The suite offers a restaurant POS system as well. Being a cloud-based solution, LimeTray’s POS can be operated from anywhere without any constraints. As it is integrated with online and third party orders, you can manage your entire business from a single platform. The POS system has a clutter-free design and is highly efficient; it allows fast order punch-ins, data tracking and quick KOT printing that speeds up daily operations. Added to this, the system comes with an offline mode to ensure that your operations do not suffer even if there is no internet connectivity available.

A successful restaurant requires proper management of customer databases. The CRM solution offered by LimeTray is equipped with unique features such as multi-channel campaign manager and personalization. With these features, you can easily design customized promotional schemes to best meet your requirements. The automation feature of this system helps you in growing your repeat sales by sending automated emails and re-engaging dormant clients of your business.

LimeTray is a leading player in the food-tech space and its software suite is trusted by over 4500 restaurants globally, including prominent brands such as Burger King, Biryani by Kilo and Punjabi by Nature. The synergy will allow PayTabs and LimeTray to offer their clients integrated services to run their business operations more efficiently.

The Secrets to Effective Business Networking

The Secrets to Effective Business Networking

In today’s super-connected world, networking is of utmost importance for promoting your business. The process of networking basically involves interacting with a varied group of people in order to form mutually beneficial relationships. While the art of networking does not come natural to many people, it can be easily learned and honed. Here are some of the tips to help you connect with other people and network better to take your business to new heights.

  • Expand Your Horizons: Generally, attending industry conventions and meetings are touted as good networking options. However, the focus on your own industry may prove to be limiting in today’s world. In order to create more meaningful networking relationships, you should step out of your industry borders. When you interact with people from other industries as well, you become aware of broader trends and may even discover new synergies which may have not been exploited by your competitors.
  • Give First: While networking is considered to be a mutually beneficial relationship, it is important that you don’t overdo the ‘taking’ part. Make sure that you clearly state the advantages you can bring to your collaborator. This will help both of you in creating a more meaningful relationship. This approach will also ensure that your network lasts longer than the networks which are created with a lopsided approach. So, it is important that you are able to bring more to the table, helping build a cordial environment.
  • Customize Your Networking Plan: There is no one networking plan that will work for all. You should design your networking strategy as per the industry you are in. Further, the life stage of your business will also have a strong influence on your networking pursuits. If you are looking to expand your business internationally, then it is advisable to join cross-border chapters of your target organizations, instead of being a part of local centers.
  • Design Your Elevator Speech: This refers to a concise and clear statement of introduction. The concept is especially important for networking as you need to grab the attention of your target in a short period of time. Instead of rambling on and on about yourself and your business, you should prepare a short speech which can provide the vital information to your new acquaintances. The ideal length of an elevator speech should be around 30 seconds and it should contain all key information.
  • Ask for Mentorship: You can easily elicit a positive response from people when you seek their advice. It provides a soft start and helps make your new contacts feel more comfortable. With this type of opener, you can put your new acquaintance at ease, helping them understand your requirements in a better manner. Further, you also get to keep your options open. For example, if you are looking to start a venture in a new market, ask them for marketing advice. This way you can get some unique and creative ideas.
  • Follow Up: All these endeavors are in vain if you are not following up with your leads and contacts. This is important not only for new contacts but also for older networks which may need some reviving. You should ensure that you periodically get in touch with your collaborators and keep them aware of the latest happenings in your professional life. With this step, you can ensure that your relationship with them remains fresh. Whenever you meet a new contact, make sure that you send them a thank you note, to show appreciation for their time.
  • Remain Active: Networking is not a one-time endeavor, but rather a continuous process. Your network has to keep evolving with time. The art of networking should become a part of your personality so that you are able to connect with people, irrespective of the set up. Some of the best contacts are generally made at unexpected places and through chance encounters. Always keep an open mind and friendly approach towards people and you will be able to grow a meaningful network in no time.

The art of networking is a useful skill that can help you tremendously in your professional life. With the above tips, you can not only start your network but can also nurture it with a long term approach.

Multichannel Selling: The Right Move Forward or Too Many Things at the Same Time?(Part 2)

Multichannel Selling: The Right Move Forward or Too Many Things at the Same Time?(Part 2)

The Trifecta of Trouble and Growth

The tumultuous nature of multichannel marketing is going to keep you on your toes to accomplish your core business functions. In e-commerce, that’s marketing to help people find you, actually capturing the sale, and then getting the product to customers on-time and in a way that they enjoy.

By needing to be available across each channel, you’re going to always have more work to do. Customers are everywhere, and there’s a feeling that you should be everywhere too. We’re going to touch on that briefly at the end, but let’s look at the big picture for what it takes to be everywhere.


Studies vary, but somewhere between roughly 80% and 90% of your audience are going to do significant research into your product before they buy. They’re looking for you everywhere, whether that’s to see what influencer is wearing your shorts on Instagram to Amazon’s “Choice” and “Best Seller” designations, and what podcast you’re sponsoring this week.

Marketing also needs to think about mobiles because this technology accounts for 92% of e-commerce order growth. So, your ads and site and other efforts need to not only work on mobile, but they have to be +optimized for this low-impact space. Minimalism isn’t just a fancy trend for luxury offices and site designer websites; it’s also a focus for your team to make the most out of the limited screen size by prioritizing what’s important.

Today, you’ll be stretching that same old budget to meet new people on more channels and give them information to support research instead of just selling. Look for opportunities to grow your impact with content that works across multiple channels, partnerships with people who your audience turns to for education and keeping everything easy to scan to determine its value to the audience.


Here’s an area even more complicated. Sales is specific to every channel, and you’re going to have to do your own research to understand what and where you can sell. Amazon has a drastically separate set of rules and requirements (especially if you’re Prime) than most other channels, and you’re building an independent reputation on many of these sites.

The channels you “own” tend to be restricted to those where your products aren’t always next to others. So, that’s your website and social channels where you’re controlling the message and some of the discovery. These follow traditional e-commerce and online store rules, where you can build your sales funnel to move people through and capture the sale.

Online marketplaces have their own audiences (with different preferences), rules, and requirements for success. There are excellent guides on the different audience desires, but what is essential at the outset is that your profiles and product descriptions will need to be different for each. In general, eBay will be a little more free-from, while Amazon is much more SEO-minded.

How you interact with the customers during and after a sale are also tightly controlled. Even outside these marketplaces, sales is expanding into the realm of customer service. As some studies note, as many as 88% of online shoppers say they are less likely to buy from you if you’re not responding to complaints or service requests posted on social media. This customer service element extends into order fulfillment too.

Nearly every channel has its own way of handling the flow and interaction with customers. Each has its own journey and process, which means you’ll need some salespeople to put those things in place.

The nice bit is that a lot of this can be automated after the initial setup, so you’re not always trying to force a sale with a specific individual. However, the other side of the automation coin is that it’s got to be set up correctly or you push everyone down a path that’s not optimized to sell.

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*to be continued

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