RAK International SME FAIR

RAK International SME FAIR

To provide an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to showcase their products and network, RAK SME together with RAK chamber and RAK expo have organized an international fair. It is scheduled to be held from 14 to 16th November 2019 at the Ras Al Khaimah exhibition centre in UAE

The fair will be attended by over 200 exhibitors from different countries, providing an excellent opportunity for businesses to collaborate. Participants will also be able to listen to business pioneers and leaders via informative workshops and panel discussions.

Meet & Collaborate

While SME events are a common way to achieve new sales and meet prospective clients, RAK International SME FAIR offers several unique advantages

  • Targeted Approach: RAK International SME FAIR follows a very targeted approach to provide specialized services. The event restricts itself to a well-defined number of categories so that each segment is well represented. The main sectors participating in this fair are food & beverage, energy & sustainability, technology & entertainment and furniture & office supplies. Apart from these sectors, the fair is also going to witness participation from businesses that engage in healthcare, wellness & medical segments, trade & business and beauty & cosmetics. The fair will also encompass several other industrial segments to provide a holistic view of the small and medium scale enterprise market in the UAE and globally.
  • New Products & Services: The key objective of the fair is to provide a platform to SMEs to showcase their new products, services and integrated solutions. As businesses from a large number of industries converge at the event, participants will get an opportunity to fulfill their business requirements under one roof. Whether you are looking for legal services for your new business or you want to develop software for your operations, rest assured you will get a wide range of options to explore here.
  • Networking: The fair is set to attract over 200 participants from a wide range of industries. The occasion thus offers a great opportunity to revive old ties or form new alliances. Attendees will get to interact with representatives from diverse number of industries. So, If you are looking for new collaborations within your industrial segment or are planning to enter a new business field, here, you can meet people with expertise in different areas to widen your horizons.Masterclass sessions on business expansion and sustaining SME growth will be particularly useful.
  • Learn New Developments: As this fair is a platform to let exhibitors and visitors interact, it offers a great opportunity to learn about new market developments. Here too, masterclasses and workshops on innovation and facing the future will prove to be relevant to the audience.


PayTabs participation at the RAK International SME FAIR

PayTabs is a leading B2B payment processing service provider in the region. The business is set to showcase its payment gateway solutions at the RAK International SME FAIR over the three days. Drop by, speak to the team and learn more about how they can power your payments, globally.