PayTabs Ties up With Expand Cart

PayTabs Ties up With Expand Cart

Don’t have an e-store and still want to sell online? Not a problem! Via PayTabs’ partnership with Expand Cart, clients will now be able to create the right web store and start selling online. The service is aimed at providing one stop solution to merchants who do not have online presence but are willing to expand their reach by creating online stores.

The Collaboration

While PayTabs has championed the cause of providing hassle free and safe online payments, Expand Cart is committed to help merchants in creating their online stores. Expand Cart offers a wide range of services in this regard. It starts with a rich portfolio of templates available online. These templates provide an easy way to kick start the process of website creation. All you need to do is to pick a template and then customize it to meet your specific requirements. Such customization is easy and convenient with the tools provided by Expand Cart.

The collaboration between PayTabs and Expand Cart will allow the customers to carry out full life cycle implementation in an integrated manner. Such assimilation ensures that each and every part of your online store is in sync and provides the best possible services. The task of creating an online presence may be daunting and intimidating. However, this task may be done with the help of online services provided by Expand Cart in an easy manner. You are not required to hire any professional for creating your website and you can do it at your own pace.

About Expand Cart

Expand Cart is a leader in its domain and provides user friendly services for creating imposing online stores. Its portfolio of services includes templates and designs, a store creating platform, hosting servers and marketing activities. The templates included in its repertoire are professionally designed. The exhaustive range of designs ensures that there is something for everyone. So, whether you plan to sell home furnishings or any technical services, Expand Cart portfolio will have a template to cater to your needs.

Expand Cart provides a store creating platform which comes equipped with a unique control panel. The panel has a number of features which help you in building and managing your online store. With the help of features embedded in this panel, you can show all your products in an elaborate manner. Further, you can also enhance the material with the aid of pictures and videos. Other features such as customization of prices and provision of discounts are also available.

Once you have designed your online store, you also need a place to host it from. Expand Cart offers hosting servers which can handle heavy duty websites in a professional manner. It features flexible portal storage which spans multiple servers so as to offer faster and smoother access to your clients. It comes complete with cloud computing architecture to remove geographic constraints. Its cloud servers are located close to the middle east for ensuring speed and faster response. Yours and your clients’ data is secured through the use of latest technologies.

Once you are done with the designing and hosting of your online store, it is time to promote it. Expand Cart has got you covered on this front as well. It offers marketing services such as SEO marketing. Expand Cart aids the process by introducing auto sitemap creation, addition of meta tags and description for items in your store. You can also add promotional features such as discounts and other special features to your listing. There is also provision to collect analytics such as most viewed product, featured products and more. If you are looking to sell your products on social media, then Expand Cart offers your clients the ability to share their favorite products just by the click of a button.

With this collaboration, businesses in middle east now have a dedicated and specialize platform to showcase their products online.