PayTabs’ special pricing offer for start-ups in UAE

PayTabs’ special pricing offer for start-ups in UAE

PayTabs is offering an exclusive pricing model for their payment gateway services to start-ups applying through MAGNiTT (UAE ONLY)

PayTabs’ special pricing offer for start-ups in UAE

Reinforcing its strong focus on the SME and start-up space, PayTabs has tied up with MAGNiTT, the leading community and data platform for startups, investors and enablers in the MENA region. As part of the arrangement, PayTabs is offering customized, discounted pricing for its payment gateway services to start-ups that apply through the MAGNiTT platform. The details of the exclusive offer valid for the UAE market are as below:

  • Transaction fees of 2.50% + 1 AED
  • Set up Cost – Waived off
  • Withdrawal fee – 25 AED

The eligible entrepreneur needs to submit an online application form and would be subsequently contacted by the PayTabs team with further instructions on how to avail the benefit.

PayTabs provides convenient and secure online B2B payment solutions that facilitate business enterprises, especially SMEs and start-ups, to receive payments online through agile technology. With the affordable and easy-to-use PayTabs platform start-ups can pay and receive money online, prepare online invoices, utilize API plugins to integrate one’s website to PayTabs’ payments gateway, and even create an online ecommerce store. This is a huge benefit for start-ups looking to build scale and transact business, locally as well as globally. Start-ups will be able to compete on a level playing field with established players and geographical spread will no longer be a barrier to receiving payments.

PayTabs provides customized products for SMEs, simplifying online card acceptance, and ensuring lower costs and minimal instances of fraud. Services provided comprise a secure payment gateway, fraud prevention systems with convenient electronic payment, and ecommerce platforms suited for social media compatibility. The payment solutions are completely secure, complying with world-class security infrastructure standards, as certified by Visa and MasterCard.

All of these align with MAGNiTT’s start-up focused business model. Start-up founders can use their profiles uploaded on MAGNiTT to directly approach and apply for funding to venture capitalists and angel networks based across the MENA region. MAGNiTT also provides a news board to help connect to start-up talent and enable networking opportunities. The detailed database allows entrepreneurs to study market trends and subscribe to research in related fields, so as to stay abreast of the latest developments. MAGNiTT has a considerable following in the MENA region.

The common aspects linking PayTabs with MAGNiTT are transparency and the start-up focused model. PayTabs, based out the MENA region, is PCI DSS V3.2 Service Provider Certified, which means it provides secure digital payment solutions.

MAGNiTT caters primarily to the entrepreneurial eco-system allowing founders a platform to connect with stakeholders – funders, mentors, coaches, support service providers, and skilled talent across the MENA region.

It is believed that this alignment of goals and a common strong presence in the MENA region shared by PayTabs and MAGNiTT would enable entrepreneurs to derive rich benefits in terms of launching start-ups with convenient payment processing facilities.

Kindly note that this offer is no longer valid