PayTabs Holds a Mentorship Session for Bahrain’s Startups on the Eve of its 5th Anniversary

PayTabs Holds a Mentorship Session for Bahrain’s Startups on the Eve of its 5th Anniversary

The road to glory is always tough. You get the roses at the end but initially the road is filled with thorns. The journey of PayTabs has been somewhat similar.  When we began in March 2014, we were confident that someday we would achieve our goals. Today, we stand here, all set to celebrate 5 years of operations in a few days.

Mentorship Program Begins

And to commemorate this special occasion, we, along with Flat6Labs, Bahrain’s leading Accelerator Program, organized an exclusive event for the budding startups of Bahrain. The motive of hosting a startup meet was to impart knowledge, advice, tips, and tricks under the aegis of mentors. To add a cherry on the cake, PayTabs’ success story was served as a live example for all the 60 startups that attended the event.

Here, at PayTabs, we know the importance of mentorship. When the foundation was laid in March 2014 with a corpus of $10,000, we were determined to make an impact in our industry. And we were able to do so because we received genuine guidance from experts. And today, after 5 glorious years, we have established our presence in 21 countries, with our dedicated offices in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Philippines and India.

Now we felt the need to do something for our startup community. So as a startup, we planned to host the startups over breakfast at the PayTabs’ headquarters. The event comprised of the following sessions – PayTabs’ journey from zero to hero, round table discussions, questions from the participants, and a brief mentorship program on the right and wrong startup practices. The participants gained knowledge necessary to operate a startup in the right manner.

Bahrain – The City of Startups

The startup meet was a landmark event held in the land of Bahrain. Bahrain has a thriving ecosystem of around 75 startups, striving to make a mark in the field of innovation and technology. These startups have the support of over 34 accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, and other institutions.

PayTabs is a prodigy of Bahrain’s startup culture. Once, we had an idea and a strong will to succeed. Today, we have the skills, resources, ambition, and vision. But it’s not just about us, it’s about everyone who dreams of spearheading a revolution in the society. And there’s no better way to do it than to found a startup. Isn’t that so?