PayTabs Collaborates with Zbooni to facilitate micro payments


PayTabs is enhancing its portfolio of solutions to provide more relevant and sustainable services to clients during these exceptional times. The company’s collaboration with Zbooni will now allow PayTabs to offer micro payment solutions to small businesses units that traditionally operate without online presence. Through this tie up, PayTabs seeks to provide entrepreneurs and home based businesses such as bakers, designers, consultants, tailors, craftsmen and women the ability to carry out their business operations in safe manner by continuing to sell on social media platforms and then receiving payments seamlessly and conveniently.

In support of small businesses and in line with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leadership initiatives during this unique situation, PayTabs is also offering those who sign up for the service zero set up fees or transaction fees until 15 June 2020. This is with the objective of protecting people and reducing the burden on families by empowering SMB’s to  setup their accounts within hours on the Zbooni platform and sell their products through any social media channel.

Let’s have a look at this tie up to see how these new services can help you manage your business in the current scenario. This service is mainly targeted on the businesses offering services such as baking, designing, tailoring, art & fitness, consultation and e-tailing home-made crafts.

What Does Zbooni Do?

Zbooni is a micro payment platform which also offers several user-friendly features for aiding offline as well as online businesses. One of the most prominent USPs of Zbooni is its mobile invoicing service. With the help of its dedicated app, any business can start accepting card payments, including debit cards and credit cards. Its holistic portfolio of services lets you create your online store in a matter of an hour. However, Zbooni goes even further as you do not necessarily need to have online presence to start using its services. Its features are highly applicable to offline businesses as well.

One Stop App: Zbooni offers you a centralized interface to manage your business’s cash flow in an intuitive and efficient manner. Its app is mainly designed to let the businesses accept payments from anywhere. You can manage your cash inflow by generating invoices and sending them through a wide range of channels including WhatsApp and other messaging services. Subsequently, your clients also get the pick of the payment options. They can clear their bills through any major card or even by using Mada. Zbooni lets you collect your dues fast and efficiently.

Easy Sign Up & Documentation Process: Customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia can easily set up a Zbooni account by signing up at and submitting a couple of documents. The documents required while signing up are as follows:

  • Two Personal IDs (Passport & Local ID) of the authorized signatory of the merchant
  • Personal IDs of Partner/ Shareholder/ Ultimate Beneficiary holding over 10% of the shares in the company
  • Business/ Trade License issued by government or Freelancing Official License (for KSA merchants) matching website business activity.
  • Last 3 months bank statements or a bank letter in case the account is new. Bank account should be under the company name
  • Proof of address (rent contract, electricity bill, mobile bill, bank statement, Wasel etc.)
  • Memorandum of Association/ Shareholder Registry

Mobile Payments: with the massive increase in mobile technology, it is important that your business possesses the ability to process mobile payments. Zbooni is optimally designed to do just that for your business. Clients are not even required to have Zbooni app installed on their phones to make the payments. can simply send them a link through a browser which they can click to complete the payment process. The money is then deposited in your wallet and is transferred to your bank account and PayTabs will now facilitate the process.

Intuitive Operations: Zbooni has made it a lot easier for you to process your payments. The process followed by Zbooni is highly intuitive and convenient to follow. The process starts with creating an account using the app. After this, the business is required to create an order and generate an invoice. Afterward, you simply have to send the link to your clients. Once they confirm the order they are guided through the payment process. Zbooni ensures that the entire process is quick and easy both for you and your clients.

Flat Fee Structure: With Zboomi you do not need to worry about complex fee structures. Zboomi charges a flat fee, which makes it easier for you to keep track of your expenses. Unlike staggered fee structure where your payments pile up with increase in your volume, the expenses ratio remains flat with Zboomi option. The amount is automatically deducted from successful transactions, offering you convenience. There are no hidden costs, no maintenance fee and no set up costs. Its flat structure and simplified process allows all kinds of business including the small ones to use this service. Now, you do not need to use your precious resources for unnecessary paper work.

And now you can avail one-time special offer for small businesses in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In order to help businesses in this difficult time, PayTabs has designed a special pricing plan, which is valid until June 15th, 2020. Under this plan, the eligible businesses are not required to pay any transaction fees, set up fees or monthly fees. Further, the businesses are also exempted from any minimum volume requirement. This special offer is only available to new Zbooni customers and existing PayTabs customers in KSA.