Invoicing in a Jiffy!

Invoicing in a Jiffy!

As a merchant, one of your primary concerns is the invoice generation for your customers, who has placed bulk orders or offline orders with you, for the products you have sold or the services you have delivered. Especially, you are in the space of taking international orders, it is a necessity to have an invoicing system that works for you and takes care of multiple currencies and has provision for multiple customizations and itemizations as per your requirement.

Over the years, with the advent and penetration of e-invoicing, the transactional process between a merchant and a buyer has been made easier. Automated workflows help you save time and receive payments faster and leads to reduced exceptions and disputes.  All in all, switching from manual to e-invoicing is a win-win proposition for you that enable your business grow.

Don’t pay heed to certain misconceptions in the marketplace that paints a picture of e-invoicing being only for businesses that have a website. That’s not true. If you are a brick and mortar business, you can still benefit from e-invoicing without owning a website or a marketplace. In fact, it is not just convenient; an optimum e-invoicing solution comes with user friendly features such as logo, discounting systems, taxes, invoice terms, etc.

Ideally, an e-invoicing solution should provide you with multiple benefits:

  • Manage Multiple Invoices
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Speed, Reliability and Security when it comes to payments
  • Single Dashboard for all your transactions

Besides the above, an intelligent invoicing solution should help you keep a track of your productivity through financial reporting which results in better financial management, apart from providing real time financial analysis.

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