How to Win More Loyal Customers with Email and Mailbot

Email marketing is widely used by the businesses to increase their market reach. This method is considered to be highly efficient and effective as per prospect cost is amongst the lowest of all the methods available. However, the impact of email marketing campaign is dependent on the way it is carried out. Many businesses may lack the technical knowledge or the resources required for running an effectual email marketing blitz, but here are some of the tips which may help you in overcoming these shortcomings.

Engage Customers: email campaigns may be used for engaging customers in a meaningful manner. For this purpose, you should design upbeat introductory emails so as to create positive impression of your business. The tone of this email should be inviting in nature in order to induce the receiver to visit your website and browse its content. Before you start paying attention to the email body, you should ensure that even subject line is personalized. Such personalization should then be carried out through the entire email. You can also add a list of recommended products in your email. This step will make customers feel more invited to engage with you. However, you should note that such emails do not become too narrowly focused. While it is important to personalize the content, still an effort should be made so that the customer gets to know the entire range of your offerings.

Address Cart Abandonment: while you may be successful at bringing clients to your website, you still may face other issues such as idle browsers and cart abandonment. Idle browsing occurs when a visitor comes to your website but leaves without purchasing any goods. Cart abandonment is the next stage of this issue, where person visiting the website browse the goods, adds a few to their cart but eventually do not purchase them. You can use emails for addressing this issue. For bringing them back and to make them actually complete the purchase process, your email should contain the images and description of the goods they searched for on your website. This step will remind them of the goods they might be interested in but may have forgotten. This way you can not only increase your website traffic but also conversion rate.

Respect Privacy: an effective email campaign is designed to engage customers and for this purpose it may use the data related to such clients. One of the most prominent example in this regard is the incorporation of shopping history in emails. While such incorporation helps in reigniting the customer’s interest in your products, it may also seem like invasion of privacy, if it is not done in the right manner. You should ensure that your email campaign uses only that type of data which is largely non-sensitive in nature. You should avoid using personal details of the client in your emails.

Use MailBots: email campaigns are not one off in nature and need to be carried out in a planned and consistent manner. However, the task may become tedious if you have to implement the entire process manually. In these cases, you can take help of automation processes such as employing mailbots. Such programs generally come with built in email structures, which may then be customized to meet your business’s requirements. You can use such bots for sending all kind of emails, ranging from re-engagement campaigns to introduction mails. These bots are also useful for analytics as you can program them to collect data regarding consumer behavior, inventory level and ordering pattern. You can also create rules for mailbots so that they send out specific emails at specific times, without requiring any further intervention from your side.

Above pointers can help you design an email campaign which yields optimal results. The use of bots for this purpose is highly recommended as it can help you save time, money and other resources. These bots can also help you segregate your entire market using different criterions, helping you create more personalized campaigns for each of these segments. These email campaigns should be able to pique the curiosity and interest of the recipients, ultimately adding to your top line and bottom line.