How Real-Time Onboarding Works And What Are Its Benefits

Whether you’re a retailer or a B2B service provider, automating processes is key to success. Perhaps you’re looking to increase ecommerce conversions, or your customer service team spends too much time addressing routine issues that enterprise app modernization could solve.

One big improvement you could make to your business, whether you’re improving your own software or getting a B2B solution right off the shelf, is real-time onboarding.

What Is Real-time Onboarding?

Real-time onboarding is one major time-saver for businesses. It lowers your customer acquisition cost by automating the onboarding process and improves customer experience by getting them up and running with your solution as soon as possible.

How Real-Time Onboarding Works And What Are Its Benefits

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There are several benefits to a real-time onboarding process for both business and their customers, including:

Automates compliance

Sectors like banking and law are the most tightly regulated by Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money-Laundering (AML) laws. These sectors were ripe for real-time onboarding because businesses can automate these processes with document scanning and facial recognition technology on their customers’ smartphones. Processes that used to take days or weeks can now be carried out in minutes, allowing people to access these services no matter where they are.

The experience should work seamlessly no matter what device they’re on. Real-time onboarding features like document scanning and ID verification work best on mobile. And a good mobile app means your customers have your services in their pocket, ready whenever they need you.

Improves communication

Your onboarding process can be closely monitored for friction points that lower conversions or require customer support, who aren’t available 24/7. Real-time onboarding should be as self-serve as possible, with customers directed to an FAQ page or forum like Stack Overflow for common questions.

Increases engagement

Real-time onboarding helps customers with potential roadblocks, but it also gives you a chance to direct them through your app or store. Tutorials and UX copy can sell the user on the features you want them to use, and personalized onboarding emails can pitch customers on deals they might not know.

Improving Real-time Onboarding

Automated, real-time onboarding enables data-driven decision-making for retailers and SaaS companies. Customers can get started with your product at whatever time suits them, and retailers can welcome them in with an automated onboarding flow that responds to user data for constant improvement.

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