Create a Loyalty Program in 5 Easy Steps

Create a Loyalty Program in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you have set up a new business or are looking to expand your existing one, creating a loyalty program can help you achieve your target.  A good loyalty program can help you in creating a sustainable customer base. As it is far more expensive to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one, a loyalty program can be help in running a business more efficiently. Here are the top tips to create a loyalty program which will keep the customers coming back.

  1. Know your Customer Base: In order to create a loyalty program which is just right for your business, it is important to know your customer base well. Some of the most pertinent questions which are required to be answered are the buying capacity of the customers, the type of products bought by them, and the duration for which they have been your customers. Answering these questions will allow you to make more objective assessment of your customer base and fine-tune your program appropriately. Loyalty programs are most suitable for businesses which experience recurring orders at reasonable business intervals. Also, different enterprises require different types of loyalty programs.


  1. Decide How to Reward: Rewarding your loyal customers well is the key to the success of a loyalty program. Once you know the main features of your clients, you will be in position to select the most appropriate type of rewards to be offered. It is common wisdom that customers respond more favorably to frequent rewards, even if they are smaller in size. Similarly, rewards in the form of discounts or cashback are also more popular with clients. The businesses are also advised to take a conservative approach towards the rewards as it is far easier to increase these prizes in the future than to decrease them.


  1. Keep it Simple: Since a customer loyalty program is long term in nature, it is important to keep it simple. The program should be designed in such a manner that is not only sustainable but also requires minimal resources for its operations. It should also provide positive experience for the clients. The signup process for the program should be self-explanatory and there should not be any ambiguity about the rewards. It is important that the clients are able to anticipate the rewards that they are entitled to so that they do not feel being taken advantage of. It will also make it easier for the employees to explain the program to the customers. All the expenses or qualifiers should also be stated upfront.


  1. Leverage Promotional Tactics: While it is important to keep the program simple, it is imperative that some of the time-tested promotional tactics are embedded in the program. The businesses may benefit immensely from endowed progress effect where the customers are provided with ‘bonus’ to give them a sense of quick achievement. Other tactics such as exclusive invites to certain events and premium services may also be used to entice customers to sign up for the program. It should also be ensured that there is proper customer care service available to attend to any query raised by your clients.


  1. Use CRM Tools: For running an efficient customer loyalty program, it is important to not only set the goals and budget but also to monitor and measure the progress on a continuous basis. This task may become burdensome over a period of time, so you may think about taking help of Customer Relationship Management tools for this purpose. These tools can help you in tracking your customer interaction and analyzing the results of the loyalty program. Such analysis helps you in making prompt changes to the program to improve its efficiency. You should also ensure that your customer loyalty program does not cannibalize your new client acquisition initiatives.


Loyalty programs may help a business in retaining its customers and generate repeat business in an efficient manner. However, it is highly important to customize the program to suit your specific business objectives and customer base. It is also pertinent to note that loyalty programs are good for big and small businesses alike. So, do not ignore this vital tool to boost your client base.