Transform your eCommerce today with PayTabs!

Category: Growth Hacks

Transform your eCommerce today with PayTabs!

There is no business platform more lucrative in this day and age other than e-commerce, while there are thousands and thousands of e-commerce websites on the internet, only a select few have proven to be very successful of running their business through the e-commerce portal.

Transform your eCommerce today with PayTabs!

This is because these select few were aware of the tips and the opportunities that helped them reach their success. At PayTabs, we created a whole list of tips for each category that can help turn your e-commerce into a profitable and beneficial venture. Go ahead, take note by following these simple tips and tricks:

Category 1: Global Features

  • Clear Consistent Navigation

It’s a more comfortable approach for readers to use a conventional navigation. Global navigation on the top of the site is recommended eg: Home | About Us | Contact Us, ensuring it is clear, well-placed and that all links are active.

  • Clear and Smart Search

Perform a search of the selected product fields putting into consideration: products containing exact phrase, products with ALL keywords and correct spelling, products with ALL keywords and possible misspells, and products with ANY keywords and possible misspells.

  • Mini Basket

Showing the number of items and basket value with a link to the full basket/ checkout. On mouseover, the mini basket should expand to show the basket contents (or most-recently added contents if there are too many items to show.

  • Correct Contact Information

Correct contact information displayed clearly on the website reassures trust and verifies the legitimacy of your website from the buyers’ point of view. Thus, encouraging purchases.

  • Policy Links (shipping)

Your shipping policy should be written in a clear and concise manner and it should have its own page on your website in a visible link. Placing it on the sidebar/within header to provide more access is recommended, too. Also, including the policy in the confirmation email to your customers helps.

Category 2: Front Page Display

  • Show various high-level categories

Organize your website into different high-level categories and then from there, into smaller subcategories that fit within each larger category of your website. This is important in terms of visibility since usability is one of the many factors the major search engines take into consideration when ranking the quality of a website.

  • Show Best Selling Products

This plays to the strengths of your website and gives an idea to buyers what you offer on your website and just how strong the demand of products are on your website.

  • Show New Products

Variety is important, selling new products without listing them in the home page of your website can negatively impact sales and demand. Showing new products (especially products hyped in the market) can attract new customers and current customers can pick up new products while their sole intention was to get a regular purchase from your website.

  • Show Products that are on Sale

A lot of buyers resort to e-commerce websites because they are always on the search of a good deal, displaying sale items strategically on the website will increase traffic on your website, and frees up stock capacity as these products sell out quickly if clearly displayed where the buyer can see it. Buyers would usually make a compulsive purchase out of this.

  • Don’t use rotating banners

Rotating banners are a sure way to kill conversions on your website. This is because your customers won’t be consciously paying attention to them, so the product advertised on that banner would be shunned. Or it can have the total opposite effect and would negatively distract and deter them from the purpose of why they’re on your website – to purchase.

Category 3: Category and Search

  • Display Ratings

Including ratings from users have been proven to drive sales, and notably this is something majority of shoppers will want to view before deciding to make a purchase.

  • Let customers filter results

Letting customers filter their own results when they search for a product narrows down the time spent while looking for the products suggestions generated automatically, including advanced search options is a major convenience your customers will appreciate.

  • Various sorting options

Allowing your shoppers the option of sorting the view further on some of these pages with pre-set options like Price: Low to High, Price: High to Low and other options including product type or brand etc. is highly important. It saves them time when browsing, and makes them more likely shop from the site continuously as it offers the options for them to look for the exact products they want.

  • Product comparisons

Having a product comparison feature greatly helps customers in matching products with products containing similar properties but differ in value. This method helps your customers find the right products for their needs, they will respect this facility and choose your store for all their future shopping.

  • Create a new products category

This category not only promotes the new items on your website, it can also encourage regular buyers on the website to try a new product that is similar to the regular products they purchase from your e-commerce shop. This drives sales and more traffic as this makes people return to the website regularly to view new additions that might interest them.

Category 4: Products

  • Clear Call-to-Action

A clear call to action will help to increase your profits by maximizing conversions and improving user experience.

  • Show Product Videos

Product videos can have an incredible ability to increase conversions by better helping people understand your product and provide customers with as much information as possible about the products offered.

  • Product Reviews

User reviews help with product selection and to eliminate any doubts a customer might have about a product. User reviews are good for SEO as it attracts more content.

  • Cross-Sell

Cross-selling benefits sellers as it allows them to sell more, closely tie customers to their products, and make them repurchase. It is beneficial for customers since they can save time by buying required supplementary products in one place. This in return boosts profit and traffic.

  • Multiple Large Product Images

High-quality images with zoom functionality decrease the level of uncertainty in customers and also adds a better dimension to the overall look and feel of the product, making it more likely to be the purchasable product.

Several if not the majority of e-commerce blogs and financial outlets have declared that in 2015 onwards there will be a major boost in the e-commerce economy. This is a golden opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter the world of e-commerce – and hopefully, after reading all of these tips, it’s given you the drive needed to put both feet in and step into this innovative industry. Why not take PayTabs along for the journey and sign up for a free account with PayTabs so we can simplify your payments safely and securely while your e-commerce continues to flourish.

Happy selling!