Women entrepreneurs making big strides in UAE

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Women entrepreneurs making big strides in UAE

Women entrepreneurs making big strides in UAE

UAE presents a big business opportunity for women looking to launch their business. Women comprise a dominant 70% of the graduates that pass out of universities and 44% share of the workforce. Further, the gender gap in early stage entrepreneurship is already narrowing, with 7.6% women founders as against 11.8% men founders.

Leveraging the PayTabs advantage

PayTabs has always been in the forefront of embracing changes – be they technological innovations on the digital payments front or changing socio-economic equations of empowering women wanting to take the entrepreneurial plunge. Reinforcing this strategy, PayTabs is participating as a featured exhibitor in the Women Entrepreneurship Summit (WES) MENA, scheduled to be held on 22 April, 2019 in Dubai, UAE.

What is the significance of this event?

This invitation-only strategic summit aims to bring together established and aspiring women entrepreneurs across MENA region. It works on the profile sharing concept. It provides a platform to encourage and facilitate female-led entrepreneurship by enabling knowledge sharing and interaction between business women from women-centric organizations and SMEs. Despite the success of women-run businesses, there is still a lot of ground to cover. Women entrepreneurs face several challenges like access to finance, coaching and mentorship channels, networking opportunities and knowledge about the various aspects of running a business, like the changing regulatory regime and digital payment solutions, etc. While the former constraints would be deliberated upon in brainstorming sessions by the participants, PayTabs would effectively tackle the last with its innovative online payment solutions.

The PayTabs’ boost to female entrepreneurship in UAE

The shift from an oil-driven economy to a tech-enabled ecosystem is encouraging women entrepreneurs in diverse sectors. As per a recent survey, women in the GCC manage $385 bn worth of assets in SME businesses. Thus, women entrepreneurs ranging from cup cake owners, florists, financial service providers to fashion consultants, film makers, designers, etc are gradually making a name in the SME space. Being technology driven, these start-ups need digital access to global markets and the capability to accept online payments. This needs to be achieved without necessitating a physical presence in every geography to enable receipt of customer payments. This is where the adoption of PayTabs can prove to be a game changer for lady entrepreneurs. PayTabs, an award-winning digital payments company with strong roots in the MENA region boasts multi-integrated payment options via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, SADAD, Mada and more, using a single API. The PayTabs sales team would be ready and willing to answer all queries related to digital payments and how a payment gateway can be seamlessly integrated into the existing web portal.

PayTabs offers a suite of online payment solutions suited to the unique needs of SMEs and start-ups, supporting over 168 currencies. Further, with PCI-DSS certified, 3D secure authentication, 24*7 customer support and a dual-layer fraud protection system, PayTabs ensures that transactions are 100% safe and secure. Thus, business women can completely focus on running the business, and leave the worries about the payment processing and digital receipts to PayTabs.

If you are a female and entrepreneurship is your calling, UAE is the place to be in the MENA region. With PayTabs unlocking whole new possibilities in digital payments, a lady entrepreneur can conveniently accept online payments from across the globe. PayTabs can be a reliable partner in your entrepreneurial journey. Think cashless, think PayTabs! Save the date.

PayTabs Holds a Mentorship Session for Bahrain’s Startups on the Eve of its 5th Anniversary

PayTabs Holds a Mentorship Session for Bahrain’s Startups on the Eve of its 5th Anniversary

The road to glory is always tough. You get the roses at the end but initially the road is filled with thorns. The journey of PayTabs has been somewhat similar.  When we began in March 2014, we were confident that someday we would achieve our goals. Today, we stand here, all set to celebrate 5 years of operations in a few days.

Mentorship Program Begins

And to commemorate this special occasion, we, along with Flat6Labs, Bahrain’s leading Accelerator Program, organized an exclusive event for the budding startups of Bahrain. The motive of hosting a startup meet was to impart knowledge, advice, tips, and tricks under the aegis of mentors. To add a cherry on the cake, PayTabs’ success story was served as a live example for all the 60 startups that attended the event.

Here, at PayTabs, we know the importance of mentorship. When the foundation was laid in March 2014 with a corpus of $10,000, we were determined to make an impact in our industry. And we were able to do so because we received genuine guidance from experts. And today, after 5 glorious years, we have established our presence in 21 countries, with our dedicated offices in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Philippines and India.

Now we felt the need to do something for our startup community. So as a startup, we planned to host the startups over breakfast at the PayTabs’ headquarters. The event comprised of the following sessions – PayTabs’ journey from zero to hero, round table discussions, questions from the participants, and a brief mentorship program on the right and wrong startup practices. The participants gained knowledge necessary to operate a startup in the right manner.

Bahrain – The City of Startups

The startup meet was a landmark event held in the land of Bahrain. Bahrain has a thriving ecosystem of around 75 startups, striving to make a mark in the field of innovation and technology. These startups have the support of over 34 accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, and other institutions.

PayTabs is a prodigy of Bahrain’s startup culture. Once, we had an idea and a strong will to succeed. Today, we have the skills, resources, ambition, and vision. But it’s not just about us, it’s about everyone who dreams of spearheading a revolution in the society. And there’s no better way to do it than to found a startup. Isn’t that so?

MEFTECH-KSA 2019 in Riyadh

MEFTECH-KSA 2019 in Riyadh

Explore the latest in the world of financial technology with MEFTECH-KSA 2019 in Riyadh

The e-commerce landscape in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become more dynamic than ever before, and the credit goes to forward-thinking financial and technological institutions. The process of making and receiving payments online has especially become extremely advanced and convenient, helping local businesses in KSA to go global with ease. And as the longest running banking and financial technology event, MEFTECH-KSA 2019 will focus on e-commerce payment systems and more.

The MEFTECH-KSA 2019 event will see numerous governments departments, banks, and enterprises of various sizes come together to network, exchange knowledge and pave the way for better business opportunities. And, as one of the leading names in the world of online payment gateway providers in the GCC region, PayTabs will participate in this event as well. PayTabs is the first Saudi fintech company that is all set to disrupt the way e-commerce transactions are carried out, by offering unique advantages to both customers and merchants.

What is MEFTECH-KSA 2019 all about?  

MEFTECH-KSA 2019 will be held on 24th and 25th February in Riyadh, in partnership with SAMA, the prominent payment authority in KSA. Till date, MEFTECH has been able to draw more than 1000 technology providers and 8000 financial industry executives in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain. The 2019 event will especially focus on the fast-changing payment scenario in the ecommerce and retail sectors in Saudi Arabia.

Industry leaders are expected to share thoughts and knowledge about the latest developments in the payments sector, and discuss game-changing technologies such as:

  • Mobile payments
  • Blockchain and digital currencies
  • Fintech vs. Banks
  • Cashless evolution
  • AI and machine learning
  • Authentication

Various programs such as conferences, open theatres and roundtable discussions will be conducted where entrepreneurs, disrupters and innovators will join hands to explore all things new and promising in the world of payments.

Why will PayTabs participate?

PayTabs is a new-age online payment gateway provider that makes online transactions smooth, fast and safe. We accept over 168 currencies and offer multiple payment modes to make the experience better for both merchants and customers. Our cutting-edge anti-fraud technology, ease of technical integration, and express checkout process are features that will help boost the e-commerce landscape in KSA like never before. At MEFTECH-KSA 2019, we intend to share our experience and ideas about how an efficient online payment gateway can help local businesses expand, improve sales, monitor transactions from anywhere and anytime, track performance and develop strategies for the long run.

Important details about MEFTECH-KSA 2019

The MEFTECH-KSA 2019 event will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh, at Kingdom Centre on Olaya Street. Master passes can be bought for a 2-day access or separately for day 1 or day 2. These passes will give you access to:

  • 3500 square meters of exhibition space
  • World Class Conference
  • MEFTECH Innovation Theatre
  • MEFTECH Innovation Awards
  • Galaxy Fintech Startup Zone

Trade visitors can explore the exhibition, the innovation theater and the Galaxy Fintech Startup zone only, for free. The roundtable discussions on day 1 (24th February) and day 2 (25th February) can be attended for free, though seats are limited and subject to approval.

So, don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity and register your name for the MEFTECH-KSA 2019 event. Find out how leaders in the financial and technology sectors brainstorm, ideate and explain the recent developments in payment systems and more.

PayTabs is taking payments to a new level at Seamless Middle East, Dubai

PayTabs is taking payments to a new level at Seamless Middle East, Dubai

With businesses and companies getting increasingly digitized, the spotlight on online payments are shining brighter. And PayTabs as a leading payment gateway provider is making the lives of many virtual merchants convenient. To spread the word, it will appear on the Seamless Middle East, Dubai platform from 15-16 April at the Dubai Exhibition and Convention Center.

Payments Everywhere, PayTabs Everyware!

Though most businesses are aware of the benefits of a trustworthy payment gateway solution, there are others who are yet to join the bandwagon. As e-stores continue to mushroom in the Middle East every day, merchants undoubtedly need to ensure they receive their payments safely and quickly. And this is exactly what PayTabs promises and intended to showcase at the Seamless Middle East.

PayTabs will have the opportunity to connect with over 10,000 ecommerce companies, retailers and key providers and vendors from the payment industry. This is thanks to PayTabs state of the art 64sqm exhibition booth at the exhibition, which will showcase the firm’s innovative new products and services.

As a proud gold sponsor of the Seamless Middle East event, PayTabs plans to elaborate on topics like ecommerce, online retail payments and the retail ecosystem. This event is the perfect platform to share innovative ideas and the latest in technology and industry trends. On 15th April 2018, the Chief Digital Officer of PayTabs, will deliver a session on how online payments can be married to customer loyalty for greater customer experience and impact.

PayTabs will showcase its cutting-edge products including Ninja, FarahPay, Vera Pay and Juman.co as well. These programs are ideal for online merchants in varying industries who wish to embrace a simple and trusted payment gateway and open their business to the rest of the world. Interested retailers will receive live demos on how to utilize PayTabs services in the best manner through these programs, learn to manage transactions and invoices, and how to handle recurring payments. Moreover, some programs like Ninja will allow freelancers to refer PayTabs to other businesses and earn an income through the referrals.

Why PayTabs is the future of online retail?

As an intelligently developed online payment gateway, PayTabs lets e-stores receive payments from anywhere in the world in a very secure and hassle-free manner. It allows you to accept 168 currencies, manage your business digitally through a smart dashboard and its services are priced very reasonably too. The checkout process is simple, seamless and hence keeps your customers hooked till they make the final payment.

PayTabs is also easy to integrate with your platform and mobile apps, and it is PCI-DSS certified as well. Their dual layer fraud protection and 3D secure authentication systems are extremely robust and customer information is well-protected. Setting up an account on PayTabs is super easy too and a sales representative will get in touch with you to familiarize you with the gateway and its functioning.

Visit PayTabs at Seamless Middle East from 15-16 April 2016 and soon, you will be able to manage your business online keep track of payments and even receive financial progress reports that indicate how well your business is doing and what you can do to take it a notch higher with PayTabs!

PayTabs Wins Best Global Online Payments Solution of the year

PayTabs Wins Best Global Online Payments Solution of the year

Every once in a while there comes a brand that disrupts the old way of working and replaces drudgery with excitement. Most entrepreneurs behind such brands have been told that their ideas are implausible. And yet, here they are, not only revolutionizing our lives but also empowering businesses, generating jobs, skilling workforce and changing perceptions. Such brands were recognized and awarded at the World Payment Congress on 14th February 2018.

The World Payment Congress recognizes players in the fintech industry who are working to create the next level of possibilities in payments. Globally, 35% internet users buy online from outside their home country. The cross-border market value is expected to surge to 994B in 2020. With a 27% YoY growth in eCommerce, India offers huge profits and potential opportunities to players worldwide.

For entrepreneurs who are looking to sell outside India, having a single payment interface across countries and currencies was a must. It had to be easy to use for merchants and hence a lot depended upon the global appeal of a clean and easy to use UX. Besides, changing times required the latest and most secure way to conduct transactions. All these requirements pushed PayTabs to create a new system that could change the way transactions were conducted internationally, especially by Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Keeping their focus on SMEs proved to be a game changing strategy for PayTabs. They leveled the playing field between larger enterprises and SMEs thus creating a Blue Ocean for themselves and their customers. In addition to developing features that were in clear demand, PayTabs also understood several latent needs that existed in the market. They allow users to create and send online invoices, use API plugins to integrate with your website and even create an online store. They also allow instant global activation and don’t require an on ground local establishment.

PayTabs agility is demonstrated by the fact that they are quick to recognize local payment preferences and adapt their system to mimic these effectively. This ensures that people don’t have to step out of their comfort zone to use PayTabs. This also became a governing factor on why merchants adopted PayTabs with ease.

On receiving the award, PayTabs CEO Abdulaziz Al Jouf said, “At Paytabs, we are honored to accept the Best Global Online Payments Solution of the year award. Coming from World Payment Congress, this prestigious award is a recognition of the hard work from the entire team, without whom we couldn’t have grown to where we are today. We are thankful to our customers who’ve walked with us through the years, put their trust in our brand. We would also extend our gratitude to all our partners who made it possible for us to extend this solution to 17 countries. We look forward to making PayTabs a brand that people can use to build their businesses in the coming years.”

For PayTabs, the award is yet another feather in our cap. It validates our efforts in providing seamless B2B solutions in multiple currencies across multiple markets. It gives PayTabs added credibility as a service provider. If you would like to take your business to a global audience, do check this out to see how PayTabs can help you.