Build a High Converting Landing Page

Build a High Converting Landing Page

A landing page is your first introduction to the client and as the saying goes, first impression is the last impression.  In order to ensure that not only the customer is persuaded to browse the website but also to purchase online goods and services offered through the website. Your eCommerce business may achieve new heights if you are able to achieve high conversion on your landing page. Here are a couple of tips that may help in boosting landing page conversion rate.

  • Understand the Purpose: for creating an impactful landing page, it is imperative that you recognize the true rationale of a landing page. Unlike a product page, the landing page is aimed at inducing the visitors to take an action. Such action may be in the form of signing up, making a purchase or such other deed. In this way, a landing page is meant to be more specific than a product page, which is generally more generic in nature. Thus, for the purpose of higher conversion rate, your eCommerce business may decide to have multiple landing pages, catering to the requirements of specific market segments.


  • Reinforce the Call to Action: As explained above, the main purpose of the landing page is to make visitors take an immediate action. Therefore, the landing page should be focused on reinforcing a single stream of call to action (CTA). If there is any confusion regarding the real purpose of the landing page, then it may lead to higher bounce rate, reducing the efficiency of your business. Further, the method to perform the action should be clearly laid out. For example, if your landing page’s main CTA is to invite people to sign up for the newsletter, then the buttons required for such sign up should be prominently visible on the page.


  • Personalize: custom designed landing pages are a major key to success for eCommerce businesses. The main benefit of this approach is that it allows you to be more customer-centric and the resulting landing page is more amenable to the needs of your clients. Such personalization may be done on different basis, depending on the segmentation of your main market. While initially such personalization may seem cost prohibitive but in the long run, it allows the business to yield high quality results and optimizing the performance. It is also important that the landing page allows easy performance of the task. For this purpose, multiple buttons or fields to accomplish the objective may be provided.


  • Focus on Content: for creating a persuasive landing page, it is important that you choose the content carefully. First off, the material you provide on the landing page should be highly targeted. Apart from following the usual SEO rules, you should also ensure that the material is presented in an easy to navigate manner. Further, the headings and subheadings should be designed to grab attention. While the headline should generally be brief, the subheadings may be used for providing further information about the products and services. Overall, the content should be in sync with the requirements of the targeted market segment.


  • Keep it Simple: keeping in line with the general theme of the landing page being specific and targeted, it is advised to the keep the page design and navigation system simple. This generally means that the clutter on the page should be avoided. The material provided on the page should be streamlined and unambiguous. Further, the direction for proceeding should also be straightforward and easy to follow. The page layout and content should be such that the visitor is not inundated with multiple choices, making it difficult for them to arrive at a decision. So, ideally the page should have only limited number of highly targeted options available, so that the customers can make quick decision.

Landing pages are an important ingredient of any eCommerce website. The conversion rate of these landing pages can vitally affect your top line and bottom line. The optimal use of landing pages may provide a necessary impetus to your online business with minimal effort. The above provided guidelines may be incorporated to ensure the high conversion rate for your eCommerce website landing page.