Benefits of being a PayTabs channel partner

Benefits of being a PayTabs channel partner

‘If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.’ A companion is necessary in the journey of life. We couldn’t agree more! At PayTabs, our goal is to walk far and long, and that was the premise behind creating PayTabs channel partner program. This program gives you an opportunity to earn money while referring to PayTabs payment solutions. A mutually beneficial relationship at its very best!

What is the PayTabs partner program?

The PayTabs partner program was created to be a mutually beneficial arrangement between you and the company. Under this program, you become a channel partner with PayTabs payment solutions company in order to promote PayTabs as an online payment solution to your merchants. That is, you as a partner will be required to refer PayTabs online payment solutions to merchants. In return, you will be paid commission based on the monthly transactional amount.

Once you register as a PayTabs channel partner, you can start promoting instantly. The online payment solutions can be promoted through your website, advertisements, personal contacts and blogs. Once the merchants begin using PayTabs as per your referral, your payments will be processed on a monthly basis.

What are the benefits of becoming a channel partner?

  • It is a simple and easy way to earn some extra income by referring products and services of PayTabs.
  • As a PayTabs channel partner, you receive exposure to online marketing.
  • By becoming a channel partner, you enable yourself to offer comprehensive solutions to your own clients.
  • Give your customers access to globally recognized products and services.
  • By registering under the PayTabs Partner Directors, you get the exclusive opportunity to reach out to new customers.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest highlights and proceedings in the PayTabs services, and also get exposure to the latest industry insights.
  • PayTabs provides you with a committed relationship manager with the sole purpose of providing support to the partners.
  • PayTabs provides a fully automated system through which referrals, transactions etc. can be easily monitored.
  • Get global recognition amongst partners for your achievements.
  • Get exclusive tools, support, and services that enable you to provide better solutions to your customers.
  • Special training and guidance from experts to help you provide better customer service and satisfaction.

The PayTabs channel partner program not only gives you the opportunity to earn good money but also provides you with all tools and support that you will need in order to achieve your goals. By partnering with PayTabs, you can make a ton of extra cash just by referring our online payment solutions to merchants, while we grow our client base.

With the special training and support that is provided by PayTabs to its partners, in addition to several ways in which you receive global exposure and recognition for your hard work, the PayTabs channel partner program is an opportunity not to be missed! A mutually beneficial program, becoming a PayTabs channel partner is a win-win for all!