5 Online Mobile Shopping Best Practices to Improve Customer Experience

5 Online Mobile Shopping Best Practices to Improve Customer Experience

Mobile internet has disrupted e-commerce segment as more and more people are now shopping on their phones and tablets. This change has brought about several new opportunities as well as challenges. In order to ensure that your clients get the best services whether they access your website on a desktop or on their mobile phones, you should pay attention to the factors illustrated below.

  1. Intuitive Design: The design of the website should be in sync with the device and the platform to be used. While many businesses choose to design one type of website for all types of mobile devices, you may decide to have different designs for mobile phones and tablets. While the latter option may incur higher expenses, it will also provide better experience to the customers. An ideal e-commerce website should also avoid unnecessary menu and buttons to keep the interface simple. The navigation system of the website should be intuitive so that the visitors remain interested and complete the transaction. The process should also be as short as possible, with minimal number of clicks involved. The main idea is to seal the deal before the visitor lose their interest and move away from the website.


  1. Choose Your Content Carefully: Mobile devices such as phones and tablets have limited screen real estate. Therefore, it is highly important to use this carefully. You should prioritize and carefully choose the content to be presented on the mobile website. Apart from the choice of the content, the presentation of the data is also of importance. The most essential information needs to be presented in the most prominent manner so as to facilitate the process of decision making of the visitor. For example, instead of cramming a large number of items on the homepage, carefully select the products and services to be featured there so as not to overwhelm the visitors. Further, you should also make judicious use of pictures as they tend to convey the information in a more direct manner.


  1. Involve the Visitors: Incorporating suggestions from the visitors is an ideal way to make a customer centric website. This step may also be helpful in personalizing the website as per the requirements of customers. For this purpose, it is important to design the in-app message the right way so that the visitors immediately identify with the content of the website. This will also help the organization in brain storming about their target market and identifying this market’s distinctive features. Another important step in this direction is to incorporate customers’ testimonials and reviews on the website. This feature will help other prospective customers in making informed decisions. Also, the visitors should be encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions about the website and its content.


  1. Value-Added Features: designing an attractive website is important but it is also important to make it more customer friendly with the help of other value-added services and features. The website should be optimized in such a way that it uploads on the device in a fast manner. Slow uploading may impact the customer experience negatively. Apart from faster loading, the website may also incorporate other features such as live chat facility, which may help in resolving customer issues in a prompt manner. It is also advisable to design an appropriate FAQ page or section so that the visitors are able to troubleshoot on their own.


  1. Evaluate and Improve: Mobile website development is not a one-off process. It needs to be continuously evaluated and improved upon. You can use different metrics to evaluate the efficacy of your website. There are several analytical tools which may help you in measuring various features such as customer retention, app usage, and the number of downloads. It is also advisable to carefully track app reviews and ratings so as to take appropriate remedial actions. You should collect data with regard to average visit length and frequency as well. Continuous learning and tweaking are the key to providing the best services to visitors.


As the competition in mobile segment grows, it is becoming highly important for the businesses to make their presence felt through the use of mobile websites and apps. The judicious use of these tools may help you grow your business exponentially.